Technology and Nature – Two Challenges For Tourism in the Beginning from the Twenty-First Century

Individuals who travelled great distances using their local places were a rarity in the last days. Now travelling around the world, more generally referred to as globe trotting is not challenging, because of fantastic strides produced by technology within the travel sector. Tourism being an industry endures travel. It’s altered the outlook from the modern man. Tourism derives its driving pressure from travel. Experiencing different cultures, languages and individuals has altered societies. The attitudes as well as the vista reason for existence of individuals have altered for this reason. Nature and tourism are carefully related which is according to this symbiosis that eco-tourism developed and has turned into a method of existence.

Yes, it is challenging to strike the best balance between technology and nature poor tourism. Technologies have gone a lengthy means by making tourism and travel achieve its present stature and importance. It’s reduced the intangibility connected with tourism products. With vibrant colours and multimedia features available over internet, the current day tourist could possibly get accurate and straight answers before starting your journey. The residents utilize internet to understand more about and obtain tourism related details about their places.

The primary threat posed to nature by unneccessary use of technologies are by means of pollution. Technology itself may be used to eliminate it’s by products and lower the outcome of pollution. We’ve been bombarded with news associated with ozone layer depletion. Technology have evolved whereby refrigerants without any CFC happen to be offer practice. Take into consideration may be the pollution which jet aircraft creates to cause elevated amounts of co2 within the atmosphere to not talk about vehicles which ply the roads. Exactly the same may be the situation with water quality. In Kerala for instance, backwaters is really a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Thankfully prior to being far too late, the government bodies have realized the significance of preserving this priceless gift of nature. Hence houseboats that are a significant supply of earnings, continues to be requested to conform using the safety standards prescribed by government bodies in waste disposal management. With this technology was utilized to some large extent.

Whenever technologies are used without correct control, it can result in hazardous by-products and endanger natural balance. Maintaining the best balance between nature and technology can give the best impetus to tourism growth and sustainability.

Now safety standards which curb emissions from vehicles happen to be implemented that has helped reduce vehicular pollution to some large extent. Climatic change that is the buzz word, oil splilling etc have affected the wild birds along with other species posing a large threat towards the expereince of living of existence in the world. For putting brakes on these alarming issues, exactly the same technology which produced it ought to be used to locate a solution.